Tulsa Trash Pads

Economy Installation:

1) (4) 16' paver make a 32" square pad that set to the right of driveway

to park your trash and recycle (total weight 150lbs)----------------------Labor and materials $80.00

2) Trash and Recycling cans 1' apart (300 lbs) $40.00 discount -------------$120.00.

3) Back Door Trash & Recycle Pads get 10% discount only when in addition to curb install...$108.00

    Back Door Trash & Recycle Pads only................$120.00.

Premium Installation:

1) Pad installed on a deep bed of pea gravel (200lb)-----..------$120.00.

2) Pads installed 1' apart (easier for trash truck to hit target)----$40.00--discount $ 200.00

    Installation by back door Economy or Premium get a 10% discount on 1 or 2 pad installation

    (when it's in addition to curb installation).

Tulsa Trash Pads
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Price $80.00